Forbes-Srnka Manuever

Can you only shoot from a few sweet spots on the field or are your accurate from many positions. I can only imagine being accurate from 4 places considering that you are using two sets of pneumatics for shooting and aiming.

we have more shots

Now I’m gonna have to call Steven and ask him what’s going on here…

Here it is in slow mo

Separating the ball from the arm slightly to change your angle or point of contact when larger cylinders kick in???

Hmm… Sounds useful! You could probably do all kinds of fun shots with a mechanism like that.

842, has the early lead for my favorite robot of the year and people thought this year was going to be boring when it came to robot design.

At some point please publish all your code and pneumatics stuff, I want to learn all about it.

This is money. I can’t wait to take a closer look at The Championship Event.


Is there a collection mechanism or is this only human and robot fed.

still got a week and a half left, we will come up with something, its in the works

week and a half?!?!? don’t freak me out. I count 14 days left :slight_smile:

Duel in the Desert is the Saturday before bag day, and I want to see the Falcon’s robot doing everything!

I think that’s provided there is no lag in the wifi this year. :slight_smile: