Force acting on the gear

According to the given parameters the tangential, the radial and the axial forces on the gear will be calculated. The distance of the gear to the bearings and direction of the axial force will be determined by the student. The gear width should be chosen by the student considering the key length.

It is asked to design the shaft considering the shaft surface conditions and the assembly requirements.

The bearing of the shaft will be performed by means of ball bearings. In bearing selection take Lh=15000 hours.

Each student should use the values of his/her own given in the table. All the calculations and the technical drawings should be given in the project report.

Can you help with this issue?

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I’m not clear what the actual issue is. Sounds like this is a homework or test problem asking you to apply some principles and equations learned.

Start by breaking down the problem. What are the steps you expect to take? What steps are you not sure about, and which ones are you solid on?

I’d definitely recommend caution about blindly copy-pasting an assigned academic exercise and asking for help using only six words. Implies you haven’t done any investigation yourself yet. I’m all for helping people learn, but very much against blindly giving out answers.


P=15.3, n=1250, m=13, Ao=20, B=12.5 and z=82
But I doubt that is helpful.

Hey osfg, I’m not certain whether you were referring to me or not. I’d be happy to try to help, though the initial post had some missing info.

I’d prefer to leave the conversation here (rather than emails) so that other students may benefit from it.

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