Forces to be reckoned with

The preliminary matched at Kennedy were very exciting with many matches being decided by ball-bots, tethers and mere inches of goal positioning…but in the eliminations it became a competition of pure unadulterated power and the forces to be reckoned with at KSC seemed to be Metal-in-Motion, SPAM, Demolition Squad and Heat Wave. There were other also but these stood out. What about VCU who were the ‘forces’ there ? Also did anyone see any others that I may have left out

Thanks for the acknowledgement, but also I would like to mention team 61 with incredible power flipping Ramtech(59) and dragging them all over and nearly flipping us.

122 was the powerhouse at VCU… I know from expierence, their driver broadsided me and shoved our bot about 10 feet laterally with a loaded goal to boot. 'Ware 122! They can bend your axles! :wink:

Absolutely, How can I forget Ramtech !! also 342 (Burning Magnetos) were great! Also what was the team that flipped your robot (Heatwave) over ? That was pretty amazing too. If KSC was any example we are all in for some exiting competitions. I was also amazed at how well the ball bots did in the qualifying rounds and how much that turned around to the goal handlers in the elimination rounds, could this have been Deans secret plan to have a game where everyone could have an impact ? hmmmmm, food for thought.

Don T.

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**…team 61…nearly flipping us. **

I think I said who flipped us =P