Ford Field Restrictions?

Last year, I remember reading a FIRST document all about Ford Field - no laptops, no detachable camera lenses, no tripods, etc. Is there something like that for this year?

Thank you!

Yeah um that and don’t be like me and wear buttons there

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We were given many strict warnings about this last year, to the point that we changed our plans. We were originally going to have our students just walk there, but after all the warnings we rearranged our bus to pick us up so that we could all leave our backpacks and belongings on the bus. But then we got there and the security people were letting everybody in, backpacks, laptops and all.

So… Officially, yes, but unofficially… Who knows.

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The inspection I received last year was very half-hearted. If your laptop, lenses, and tripod can fit in a backpack I believe you’ll be fine. Use the social engineering skills you have learned-- do not attempt to hide these items, just walk in with them as if you’ve been expressly invited to do so.


Has FIRST sent out anything about it? Put it in some obscure place in the resources section on the website? We’re trying to plan and we’re one of those staying way offsite teams. Is it still a clear backpack?

@Nate_Laverdure - very cool job!

They will send you “soon”…

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Check the Event Guide in the app for this year’s Ford Field rules.

@MrRoboSteve thank you!

Last year my friend left all of his charging cables and laptop and stuff in his back pack. He was delayed a bit going through, but they basically said “its robotics, they are gonna have this stuff”.

My recommendation: don’t bring a lot of stuff so you can breeze through security. Also, the less stuff you bring, the less stuff you have to carry.

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