Greetings, our team is considering applying for the FORD FRC grant, but our mentor who works under FORD is associated with the Turkish branch, FORD Otosan. Is it necessary for the mentor to work in the global company, or does having a mentor from the Turkish branch also count?

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They have written on their application form like;

“Enter email address (Active Mentors, retirees any email. Ford mentor will be contacted to confirm eligibility. If you don’t have a Ford mentor but would like one, please enter “Find us a Ford Mentor” or ‘N/A’.”

So you need to contact with them like we need to have this emails for get confirmation. However, I think it would be good for you to get contact the Turkish workers at Ford in America via LinkedIn.

I wish you success througt the season.
Kerem Karakaş

I expect joint venture employees count as Ford employees for the purposes of the grant, but you should email the Ford FIRST board to get an official answer.

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