Ford Grant Issues

Hey all. Are any other FRC teams having an issue with the Ford Sponsorship? We log into our account and we get an error saying this page is not found.

Same here!!! And there is no link to inform them of whats going on. No support link.

Ford is experiencing problems with our sponsorship website. We apologize for the inconvenience, we’ve had some turn over in our FRC Sponsorship Board and we are experiencing transition pains as it relates to working through the support of this website. We are working with our vendor to correct the problems. I’ll post here once I’ve gotten them corrected.


Thanks for the information and look forward to your post saying it has been resolved!

The Ford Sponsorship submission site is back online. Currently sponsored teams will soon be receiving an email, reminding them to apply. We will probably extend the deadline, but for now still shoot for completing your applications before the end of September. As a reminder, one of the primary requirements of Ford Sponsorship is that you must have an active Ford mentor. This does not mean just someone’s dad or mom who has nothing to do with the team. So if your parent is the sponsor they should actively mentor within the team. We also actively try to recruit volunteers to act as mentors for teams (this is one of the questions on our form, do you want additional mentors from Ford).

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@kmurra13 Do you work for Ford? If so what is your title there? I would like to verify as nothing in your title says you work for Ford but you are speaking on behalf of them. Another post says that you volunteer for Ford which is confusing to me.


I work at Ford. I am IT Infrastructure Manager for Ford Credit. The support I give to the Ford FIRST Board is a volunteer position within Ford. I help with our efforts related to FIRST in my spare time. I’m obviously not very good at this social media thing, so be kind.


I also work for Ford (R&M Engineer) and volunteer (Labview Subject Matter Expert). As kmurra said, all the positions are volunteer.

@Tyler_Olds and others. I’ll personally vouch for @kmurra13 actually being on the Ford FIRST board.

I would suggest going to your profile and putting this information in your bio, that way people can easily know your background.

Thanks for being transparent and forward-facing about everything!

Just another update, the Ford Sponsorship page has been up all month. Deadline is Oct 4th, this is especially important for returning and new team members as there is a requirement to have you Ford Sponsor certify as an active employee and then there is a second step in the application process which takes a little bit of time to complete. Consider not waiting for the last day unless you have your Ford sponsor sitting right next to you logged into his email.

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