Ford Grant/Sponsorship

Does anyone know if Ford still does FIRST grants or sponsorships? I tried a Google search but only got stuff from a few years ago.

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We are sponsored by Ford as a team and were beaten in the MI State Championship by the Ford division champs this wekend, so safe to say they are still very active lol


How did you get your Ford sponsorship?!

There is a grant submission that is sent out in the fall. I believe you need a mentor who works at Ford.


There is an application process for a grant / sponsorship that opens every fall. I am pretty sure it requires an active member on your team to be an employee at Ford, but they cannot be the one that submits the application, the team has to do it.

I am not a member of the Ford FIRST Board of Directors nor am I speaking on their behalf.

Edit: Nick beat me to it while I was searching for a link

One of our Alumni works at Ford and is coming back as a mentor so we’ve got that covered. Where should we look come the fall?