Foreign Regionals

I heard that there will be new regionals in Mexico, Israel, Brazil and Italy.

Is that true??

AFAIK there are no teams in italy, mexico, or israel, and there are only two teams from brazil. So I doubt it.

One of those four is true.


And there may be new teams from some of those countries :slight_smile:

haha lavery are you really not going to tell us which one it is and leave us hanging??? :wink:

well I think can help narrow down the choices: it’s NOT Brazil. Long story.

. . . or is it??? has anyone been told otherwise?? well, come to think of it, the “lack” of the regional hasn’t been officially announced…but summing up all the information i’ve been receiving for the past few weeks has led me to believe that a 2005 Brazilian regional is very unlikely…

my bet would be israel. just going with my inner instincts

I do recall hearing some rumor of an Israeli regional…although how that happened is beyond me, given the number of teams in the country (currently, according to my memory, zero). Of course, there could be a surge of rookies in there.

Actually, I’d find it somewhat interesting to see what would happen if you had a regional’s worth of teams half a world away. Sure, the internet would let them see what Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Brazilians were doing, but even within this country we’ve got different styles of play among different regions. (It was really noted leading up to the Championship…see also: ) So what happens when we don’t have regional styles (like the Midwest’s offense versus the Northeast’s heavy D) clashing like that?

If any teams that compete at such a regional come to Atlanta, I’d be more than interested in seeing how they play the game.

I HIGHLY doubt there will be an Israeli regional. I don’t think any school board would approve the trip. I don’t think many parents would want their kids to go. I wouldn’t go. It’s way to dangerous. Just think what could happen if 500 American kids came for trip, and were all gathered in one place.

Mentor speaking to the team

“Alright guys, we’re going to two regionals this year … since we always go to the Midwest regional, we’ll be doing that one … let’s vote on the other one. We’ve got … Orlando, Seattle, New York, Toronto and Israel. Who wants to go where?”

… I just can’t see that happening. And like Ogre said, I can’t imagine many school districts would be too fond of the idea, let alone parents!

As far as I see it, the only one that would make sense to hold would be a Brazil regional. Well, maybe one in Mexico too, depending on where in the country it was held… Italy would be tons of fun to go to but it doesn’t make any sense, as far as travel and things are concerned, to hold a regional in an area with very few to no teams.


No matter what, Lavery always has to leave us wondering about the topic… :slight_smile: … i would go with a regional in Brazil since there are two teams in brazil… i would love to see regionals in italy, mexico or israel even though a lot of team will need great amount of money…

thats a very good point. unforunately, rather unlike FIRST competition (notice I didnt say build seasons ;)) politics and exteunating circumstances can leave everything to chance, which no school board is willing to take. A lot of Canadian school boards barred teams from going in 2003, I remember we didnt know if we would be going to west michigan until after the Canadian Regional (partly with our finish there) which was the next weekend!

A regional in mexico would make the most sense after Brazil (which supposedly isnt happening). It would be awesome if the FRC could be become as international as Lego League though =). think the Atlanta championships this year and all the anthems!

What if FIRST were to put a regional in a foreign country, not so that other teams would travel there, or because there was already support in that country, but as a way to build support in a country they want to expand into?

But… is it for the FRC, or the FLL competition? :]

FLL is more international than the FRC is.

!! That would be cool … and if that were the case, I could see FIRST expanding to any one of those regions and opening a regional there.

the problem would be what if not enough or even no teams showed up? takes alot more resources money to travel that far. Perhaps FIRST could do some sort of hosting there, either holding the kickoff there and broadcasting it like they do now, or have a giant screen set up, much like the leafs in hockey do if we’re on the road in the playoffs.

I would think Italy would be the best choice. All of Europe would be at their doorstep. Championship on Saturday…Mass with the Pope on Sunday. Does anyone know if the Colosseum is available?

Italy would be awsome. Every part of Italy is beautiful. Plus everyone is so nice there and it would totally make it fun to have a regional there.

first of i have been to israel many times and even in the past few years…Israel is safe, it is just that all you hear about is the bad stuff that happends. when infact there is less crime then new york city. but i doubt the israel regional because of the shabbat. unlike the us where everything is open all the time. on shabbat in israel EVERYTHING shuts down. so from friday to saturday night nobody could work and i think it would be hard to find a venue.

but on a side note if there is an israeli regional i will be the first person to volenteer!

Joe is exactly right: Who says the regional is for us? :slight_smile:

I like that idea.

Mexico definately makes the most sense, there are a lot of newer teams springing up down there.

Israel already has many student robotic teams. They just aren’t FIRST. Every year, Israel sends many teams to the robot/firefighting competition at Trinity college in Conn., for starters. They save money by staying with host families. My in-laws have hosted dozens over the years.