Forklift help!!!!!!

does anyone have any good desighns for a forklift?

I’d reccomend looking at the 968/254 robots from last year, and the BeachBot from 04. Those are the best lifts I can remember right now

are there any pics of these robots? a visual representation would help…

Picture time:
The aforementioned 254/968
The ultra-tall 111
The extrusion-based 1341
The slick “tube in tube” 980
The unfolding 114
and, finally, the very fast 25

254’s was god like last year

i really dont think 25’s is smart because it was really wobbly at nationals
it needs to be compact and sturdy with enough counter weight to support the ball

My team is also going with a forklift design this year, for the first time. We dont want to use 80/20 because it so heavy; what are alternatives for sliding linear motion devices that are still robust enough to lift a ball and a mechanism, while not being as heavy as 2.5 stages of 80/20 extrusion? thanks for the input!

8020 is really not that heavy of a material. I’d recommend you also look into the stuff Igus gave us, you could potentially use that.

Thanks for compiling this list of pictures. It’s a great list for anyone who needs some inspiration to design a forklift.

thanks for the help, sorry admin!