Former 957 Advisor Died

As a former member on Team 957 I would like to send out this notice to the first community that, our former advisor who was responsible for bringing the team up to eventually win 2 chairman’s awards. He had been a strong supporter since the start died Sunday night of an unknown cause. The story is posted below, but I would like to personally thank Mr. Gary Cunningham for all his hard work and sponsorship of Team 957 and with FIRST FORCE. I would like to send out my best wishes to the cunningham family and Team 957.

Nate Edwards
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It is always hard to lose a loved one, but the loss of one who has put so much time into a good program such as FIRST and helped your team grow so much affects everyone.

On behalf of myself and team 237 from Watertown CT, I offer our deepest sympathies and prayers to all friends and family of Mr. Gary Cunningham.

Please pass along our sympathies to your team and his family. It is hard to loose a mentor.

May peace be with the Cunningham family and team 957. Words cannot describe the difficulty of a loss like this, and I sympathize for you.

Andy B.

My sympathies go out to the family and team. May he rest in peace among the angels.

On behalf of MOE 365, we mourn the loss of a great person and FIRST supporter. Our prayers are with those who knew him well.

I wish the best of luck to his family and team.

On behalf of the mentors in NEMO, our condolences to those of you who worked with and studied under Mr. Cunningham, and to his family.

Representing my self and team 1002 for Marietta, GA i would like to send our deepest sympathy’s to his family and your team. If you guys need any help at all with anything, feel free to contact me. ill do whatever i can!

On behalf of the mentors and students of Team 204, we would like to send our condolences to Mr. Cunningham’s family and friends.