Former Falcon Robotics Team Member makes Time's 100 Influential People in the WORLD!

The U.S. immigration debate brings out the worst in some and the best in others. Dulce Matuz, 27, represents the finest of her generation, putting herself through college partly via scholarships and graduating with an electrical-engineering degree. An undocumented Latina confronted with legal barriers to pursuing her engineering dream, she chose to fight for the right to contribute to the country she has called home since she was young. As president of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, Dulce promotes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who, like her, were brought to the U.S. before they were 16, attend college or serve in the military and are of good moral character. Dulce takes on powerful opponents with grace and conviction, saying, “We are Americans, and Americans don’t give up.”

By Eva Longoria

Longoria is an actor, an activist and a philanthropist

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How wonderful! This really makes me feel proud! And I’ve never even met her!

Have you had a robot named Dulce?

842 continues to pump out interesting, amazing, innovative, inspirational people.

It’s not about the robots.

Last year’s robot was Dulce’s Dream.

842 doesn’t build robots with incredible offensive power ratings, but they develop so many incredible people. That’s why they are probably my favorite FRC team.

Thank you J.Ross, yes last year we named our robot Dulce’s DREAM to honor her for all the great things she has accomplished. This recognition is beyond FIRST, the DREAM Act, or anything else. She is a trail blazer and represents everything our team and community stand for. It’s not the triumph, IT’S THE STRUGGLE.

You might want to check the numbers…4 average OPR in Newton this year :cool:

But they definitely have inspired a lot of students to do amazing things besides robots!

This is just, wow, this is so incredible! How wonderful. The reason I do FIRST is for the amazing people and friendships. Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for being awesome! :slight_smile:

They ummm have multiple blue banners to their name, and make awesome robots in addition to people.

Sorry for the back to back posts!

This year we are naming our Robot Angelica’s DREAM in honor of another great alum, who graduated Outstanding Senior with the highest GPA in the Engineering School of ASU. Also one of the Top Ten Inspirational Women in AZ!!!

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We are working on it, we don’t always have the stuff other teams do, but we do push to the limit what we got. We actually have a very decent robot this year.

We have been world champions in the world of underwater robots, MATE 2004!