Former FIRST President Don Bossi Exclusive Interview and Ask Me Anything (Questions Needed) - Tuesday 8pm Eastern - Play Don in FIRST Trivia for $50

What was an initiative at FIRST you wish you had more [time, resources, buy-in, etc] to complete, but didn’t get the chance to


When will we see an alumni on the FIRST board of directors?


I nominate @AllenGregoryIV


Some more:

Were you in favor of removal of the bag? Why do you feel it took so long for FRC to drop the bag as a requirement?

In hindsight, do you still feel that splitting the championship event in two was a good idea?

Where do you stand on the subject of RFID? Is it a good idea or a bad idea?


Don, first of all thank you for your service and leadership! In the community it is perceived that FIRST heavily emphasizes growing the quantity of teams over sustaining existing teams. Can you clarify if that is FIRST’s belief and, if so, explain the reasoning behind FIRST’s efforts in that respect?


A pile event preference questions to consider:

  • What was your favorite game piece or game element from any time in FRC or FTC?

  • What was the atmosphere like mixing with MVPs (and similar) at champs? Did you prefer the energy/ wow factor in the exclusive side of the event(s) or the energy from the masses in the stands? What was (is) your favorite part of champs?

  • Of ANY of the events you attended, which one(s) simply seemed to be the best well oiled and tuned machine(s)?

  • Do you prefer large events (old school champs divisions of >80 teams) or smaller (<= 30 teams)?

Just because I’m curious:

  • Who has a tougher job FTA or LRI: on week 1? On champs week? When @marshall (and 900 in general) is involved?

Always the LRI. Almost 100% certainty that Don couldn’t pick me out of a lineup, though I once had a conversation with him and some other representatives from a major sponsor at a CMP event about autonomous, telemetry, and more. Though I could be wrong, he might remember me.

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900 circa 2015 in infamous.

And you have been making plenty of noise for years. Even if he might not be able to pick your face out of a lineup, the name “Marshall” means something to quite a few FRC veterans… :wink:


Who’s Marshall?


Who’s Don? /s


I’d like to know more about what he’s doing at Technology Venture Partners.
How that job compares with his stint as FIRST President?
What new technologies or applications thereof would FIRST students find interesting?


I’d first be thrilled to pass along my thanks to Don Bossi, for all his life changing work. My questions are as follows:

- What do you think is the most hidden/internal benefit FIRST provides, that is still vital in a student’s true success?

- What would you say to students/alumni who refuse to believe/conclude that they clearly accomplished their goals; career, education, or competition-wise.

Can you explain to viewers/commenters the difference between being the FIRST President and the Director of the FIRST Robotics Competition?

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Thanks much Don for the service you’ve provided FIRST. Especially how much the lower programs grew in the last 8 years. FRC grew a lot to and changed into different venues and to some more interesting partnerships.

How do you see FIRST partnerships sustaining through this uncertainty?

Does having season title sponsors pay off as far as the buy in from that major sponsor versus celebrating a diversity of sponsors and not having one at the top line?

As far as program growth, how do you see that playing out over the next several years?

Thanks everyone for your questions. We’ll take these for a bit longer here otherwise please post on the show at 8pm eastern at

About to start with Don Bossi! Come watch at

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tuning in now…

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so now they we have had an hour to speak with Don, What did you learn?

The one thing that I will remember for a while is the quote about game design: low floors, high ceilings and wide walls.

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Thank you to all who watched live and to Dr. Don for a great interview! Lot’s of outstanding questions were answered tonight and it was great to see a familiar face online and doing well.

Video may still be processing but this is the link to the YouTube video:
Edit: Looks like it is up

Also available on Podcast under FirstUpdatesNow