Forming a New Robotics Team in Florida

I am a former member of Team 2815 trying to start a new team in the Orange County School District. As the team is starting to get closer and closer to becoming real, I was looking to ask for any advice regarding getting started and the culture of FRC in Central Florida as well as upcoming off-season events in the area. Thanks in advance to those that respond and apologies for any infraction I may have caused due to my inexperience on Chief Delphi.

Welcome to Central Florida! (and CD)
The Orange County area has a bunch of great FIRST teams and is a very supportive community.

The FIRST in Florida website ( is a useful resource you might want to look through and you should definitely contact Terri Willingham, the Central Florida FRC coordinator, (her info is on the site) and she should be able to help you out in the beginning stages.
Also there are a number of teams in the area who i’m sure would be happy to help. 945, 665, 1649 and 1902 are all in the immediate area.

Some off-seasons coming up are:
Panther Prowl: Sept 28th at FIT in Melbourne (

RoboCon: Oct 26-27 at the University of Tampa (

Feel free to PM me if you need more local information or assistance.

A couple of quick things you should do:

  1. Register the team in TIMS.
    This will get you on the HQ Email Blast list right away regardless of whether the team is fully formed and functioning or not.
  2. Notify your Regional Director, Chuck Kennedy ([email protected]) that you are forming an FRC team. He has resources at his disposal to help you.
  3. Do not hesitate to reach out to teams in your area. You can find them here: The lower the team number, the older the team and the more resources/experience they may have. Exploding Bacon (FRC 1902) is a good one to start.

Good luck!

Team 2152 SMASH student member reporting in.

We are a county-wide team in Volusia County, consisting of different high schools in the area.

We participate in the Orlando and South Florida regionals.

I’m personally more of an FTC guy, but if you have any questions about FRC in Central Florida, please let me know.

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