Fort Wayne Robotics Off-Season Tournament (FROST)

We are proud to announce the inaugural Fort Wayne Robotics Offseason Tournament (FROST) this September! Our team registration goal for this first year is 24 teams, but we can accommodate up to 28. We’re excited to host a wonderful Indiana FRC event, but we welcome teams from other regions as well! Feel free to ask in this thread if you have questions or email

Additionally, we are hosting a community exhibition day prior to the competition with 6-8 teams who are interested in demoing to local businesses, leaders, sponsors, and students. This is a great opportunity for teams to practice speaking to judges and sponsors, while also doing some networking!

September 28th: Set up Day
September 29th: Exhibition Day / Load-in
September 30th: Competition Day

North Side High School
475 E State Blvd
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805

$250 per team, plus $125 with a second robot.

For this competition, we will be using the latest rules as of Team Update 21, but we are also introducing rules surrounding playoff video review, and the addition of a Video Assisted Referee during all match play. For details, please see the rules here.

Please fill out this interest form to register for the event.

For those interested in volunteering, please express your interest here!


I absolutely love this!

I read the new rule set, and just to be clear, if the original call is overturned will the team be returned their coupon? It appears that they will not. Can you elaborate on the reasoning for this? In all of the video review rules in other sports I am familiar with if the challenge is successful you can challenge again since punishing an alliance for the (now proven) mistake of a ref doesn’t make sense.


I think any video review system should 100% allow reviewing potential Field/Arena Faults.

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Awesome, I hope to see this new event fill up to capacity!

I really like the idea of the proposed VAR ruleset. Of course, I never like it when judgement calls need to be made (or worse yet are made in error), and I would never want them to happen in playoffs, but I do kinda hope we get to see how this system can work :grin:


Applied to Volunteer. I was born in Fort Wayne and lived there until I was 6 and a half (middle of Kindergarten).

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After some further review and hearing feedback from the community, we have decided to update the rules to reflect that teams will have their challenges returned to them in the event the challenge is successful. We’re hoping that returning coupons after a successful challenge will empower teams to use the challenges effectively while still ensuring teams must think critically about when a challenge is appropriate. The final wording will be reflected in a rule update to the originally linked document.

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For field and arena faults, teams will not be able (nor need) to use their challenges to contest the rulings on the field. Field staff will still be allowed to use the video review capabilities in order to make the correct determination of what happened on the field. For determining outcomes of arena faults, we will defer to the manual. The final wording will be reflected in a rule update to the originally linked document.

I don’t think I understand this statement. Per 11.2 of the official manual “No event staff, including the Head REFEREE, will review video, photos, artistic renderings, etc. of any MATCH, from any source, under any circumstances”. Per VAR5 & VAR8, A Ref may initiate a review unless disallowed by VAR8, which includes a field fault. So, I don’t see rules allowing video to be reviewed for potential field faults.