Fortunately, Unfortunately

From Wikipedia: Fortunately, Unfortunately is a word game first played at conventions of the National Puzzlers’ League in the late 1980s[citation needed]. It was invented and introduced by one-time NPL president David Scott Marley. The game is best played in groups with an odd number of people.


* One person begins with a sentence (e.g. One day Little Johnny walked to the local shoe shop).
* The next person tells of something unfortunate that happens (e.g. Unfortunately, Little Johnny was hit by a refrigerator.).
* The following person contributes a fortunate event (e.g. Fortunately, the refrigerator was made entirely of marshmallows), and the process is repeated.

The game does not have any specified ending point.

I’ll start:

Fortunately, There was a man that won Nine hundred million dollars.

Unfortunately, he owed the IRS 901 million…

Fortunately, however taxing and no matter the cost, Ship Day is just a couple of days away. :smiley:

Unfortunately, his team’s robot never worked.

Fortunately, they still won the Chairman’s award.

Unfortunately, the award plaque/trophy broke in his hands.

Fortunately the school was right next to a glue factory

Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough glue to glue on the nameplate, and therefore weren’t recognized for winning. D:

Fortunately, they still got their banner–it now hangs in the school gym.

Unfortunately, the whole school burned down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fortunately, they had just increased their insurance last week.

Unfortunately, the change to the policy had not yet taken effect.

Fortunately, the community raised money for the school.

Unfortunately, they only raised $1.47

Fortunately, Dean Kamen invented a machine that turns $1.47 into $10,000

Unfortunately, it broke.

(Didn’t see THAT one coming, did ya?)

Fortunately, it broke in such a way that instead of $10,000 it produced $10,000,000,000.

unfortunately it did not turn it into us dollars but instead vietnamese dong

Fortunately, that still translates to over a half million us dollars.

Unfortunately, it uses $499,990 worth of electricity to run the machine.