[Forum Help]: Forum tags

What do you guys think about having a tag in front of all the thread titles indicating what forum it is in?

For example, we will have [General], [Programming], [Motor], [Regional] at the front of all thread titles, so when we look at the portal page, we will know the topic of the thread better. We already have that for the moderated discussion forum, why not other places? It would clear up a lot of the confusing titles, which also means less work for the moderators.

Is it worth the trouble to do it? Is it going to make all the thread titles boring to read? What do you think?

I vote no … the thread titles on the portal get chopped after X characters; adding the forum would kill over 1/2 the thread title making it more difficult to know what the thread was about looking at the portal.

I can add the forum under/above the thread title on the portal (in small text, customizable on/off per user) if people want it bad enough.


I like that suggestion. I think it will be worth it, especially since we’re in the season and people are posting like crazy. I definitely will be able to follow whats going on on the boards better. Good Suggestion Ken.

I’ve added the forum to the portal. Will this help any?

I like it.

Thanks, Brandon :slight_smile:

Looks really good! Thanks Brandon. I figured the downside of the tags is shortening the thread titles, but didn’t know you can add the forums in the portal page. Good job!

I really like the recent changes to the Recent Activity box on the portal. Is there any way that you could add some sort of graphic, like the one you get when you’re browsing forums, to see which threads you’ve participated in? It would make it a lot easier to keep up with discussions I’m involved in. Thanks.

I’ll have to see how hard that would be to implement … good idea, though.

Very very well done, Brandon.

Small actions like these will make posting a lot easier in the future, especially when we have our seasonal leaps in new members. I really like the icon idea.