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I was thinking about when they release vBulletin 3.0 and all of the re-hacking I will have to do, and wondered what features people use and what features people do not use.

So that thought resulted in this poll.

On the front page, all the stuff on the right (search, poll, random site, helpful links) is not part of vBulletin. I wrote the hack (and incorporated other hacks) to have that show up. Some of you have it activated, others do not. It queries the database alot more than the regular forum home page, and want to cut down on database activity if nobody’s really using it.

My question is do you have it activated, if you do-- do you use it … and if you don’t – why don’t you?

I’m just evaluating all the hacks, to make my job easier when new vBulletin releases come out.


I use the search once in a while (actually, I don’t even think I use the link on the homepage when I do a search, so I guess that doesn’t count). I use the helpful links for the tigerbolt chat and the codex, but I have those in favorites anyway, so if that’s a pain to keep up, or a strain on the server, it’s nice, but not nescasary.

Stephen, hope that helped

I goto the home page to use the search.
I also use the helpful links.
I also use the random team website when I am borred.


If it isn't broken, it dosn't have enough features.

Well … its 8 vs 2.

I will add it into the next version of vBulletin, but once vb 3.0 hits, I’m doing a 100% rewrite/redesign of the right area.