Forum Problems.

Posted by Brandon Martus at 2/18/2001 3:45 AM EST

Other on team #47, ChiefDelphi, from PCHS and Delphi Automotive Systems.

So, I get home, and what do I see?
2 or 3 Instant Messenger windows open, an e-mail or two, and a general forum that’s pretty messed up.

The forums can handle a moderate load, and with a certain individual posting message after message after message, 12 times or so, the forums just gave up and went haywire.

There are a few messaeges that are no longer on the threaded pages (general.html, rumor.html, etc) You can find them in the Chronological Archive at the very end (messages 1-41). If you reply to them, their thread will show up, back on the forum.

Thanks to all of you who notified me of this problem.