Forum Rules Reminder Do's and Don'ts

As we approach the 2008 season I feel it necessary to posts some do’s and don’ts.

Do report posts that violate forum rules.

Do not report posts because you disagree with them

Do Search before you post

Do not reply to a thread with just the words SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST NOOB if a new member wishes to post a question

Do reply with the answer they seek and maybe some use links/threads that you have searched for (and also a link to the search feature)

Do not be afraid to post your opinions or questions,

Do be afraid to post flaming comments or to start wars on the forum

Do not worry about how many green dots you have THEY ARE JUST DOTS

Do worry about every single thing you post your comments reflect your

team, sponsors and school.

Do not post anonymously because it doesn’t help.

and finally

Do remember look out for Big Mike and his bear hugs

Do participate in the Season Long Fantasy FIRST League!:smiley:

Do read the documentation from FIRST. If you don’t read it and you ask an “obvious” question, we will probably answer with the text of the appropriate section of the Manual–and a link so you can read the rest.

Don’t “bump” your posts. If you did not receive a good answer ask the question in a different way.

Don’t post everything in the “General” forum. There are many, many forums and subforums on CD, which have been created for specific topics. Search for the appropriate forum before posting. Chances are you’ll get better results to your questions if they are posted in the appropriate forum/subforum.

Do use regular English for your posts and not “text message” language.

This is a big one. If there’s one thing about the internet that really irritates people, its da use of 1337 speek and txt abbrev. :wink:

Do think before you post, but still be yourself.

Do add 56K Warning to any topic that you expect huge pictures posted. It helps a lot.

Don’t reply to spam posts & DO “report”](] spam posts. Replying to them really does nothing at all.

When you report, DO reply with “reported” so the mods don’t get more than one report. Makes their life easier.

Do remember the importance of communication in these forums and in FIRST. Correct spelling, use of punctuation, and clear sentences are the tools to be used in conveying thoughts, asking questions, and sharing information.

Do use the edit button for changes. I love the edit button.

Do remember your ‘thank yous’ - they are always welcome.

DO read the whole thread before replying.

Yes, forgot about that. Thank you!

Except game/trivia threads! Usually the last one or two posts will suffice unless you want to read 10,000+ posts! :eek:

Do wait for a minute if the page doesn’t refresh right after you click “Submit Reply”. Sometimes it just takes a while. This is usually why double posts happen.

Do not hate FIRST. FIRST is good for you. :smiley:
Don’t hate FIRST after you already joined, or else we’ll come to hunt you with robots in your dreams. :]

More forum related,

Don’t be afraid to give helpful links that you/your friends/your team/etc. had made, in a post requesting for help/info/resources. It’s a good marketing tactic.
I think. (^_^)’

For game/trivia threads, if you aren’t going to read the whole thread, be sure to read the first few posts to make sure you know and understand the rules of the game! Then you are free to skip to the end and read the last few posts.

Do not use the phrase “RTFM” no matter what that acronym is supposed to mean. Posting an acronym like “RTMP” is not helpful at all either so please refrain from posting if you are not going the give the answer requested by the topic starter.

Do set a good example for others. If other’s see that you are being kind to the newbies, they will do the same.

Do remember, Chief Delphi is a helpful place. It has gotten me out of a pickle more then once. Be a kind, understanding, helpful person. You will get it in return.

As Big Mike said, they are just dots. But do pay attention to what people say when they give you reputation. If it is good reputation, keep doing what you are doing. If you get red dots, that means that you are not acting as would be expected of a FIRSTer. Remember, this is not a typical forum, this is a resource, contribute to it as if you where taking to the person face to face.

Do constructively criticize. It helps everyone out to be told, in a professional manner that is, that their ideas can be improved upon.

Above all, Do remember Gracious Professionalism. It is the lens we all view each other through.

If anyone disagrees with me or wants to add to my thoughts feel free, I love constructive criticism.

Do spend a little time actually looking for the answer. We love to help but get frustrated when the answer is in a really obvious place.

Don’t be afraid to post. Even if the answer is in a really obvious place, and you looked for it but didn’t find it, we love to help.

As Pavan suggests: RTM (Read The Manual). Please.


Wish I could spotlight your entire post. Beautiful.

Why thank you, and something just hit me…

Do not think that the question you have to ask is insignificant or not worth the time it takes to ask. We have all been rookies (sounds strange saying that…it being our second year now…) and we know how it feels to need a quick definition of a rule or an example of a play strategy. They key thing to remember is that we all understand. FIRST isn’t like football, you can discuss strategies and tactics without worry. So ask away, the help is here to be used.

gaaaahhhhh i can be long winded some times…

Actually i don’t think GP should ever be used to judge another person, Gracious Professionalism is a way of life not a tool to judge people.

While you follow this great advice, keep this in mind; you are creating relationships here on ChiefDelphi. I have become very good friends with many people I met on this discussion board over the last 10 years. In many cases, it took a few years before we met in person.

What you post is really the only way many of us know you.

If your post is sincere and thoughtful, then we automatically think that you are sincere and thoughtful.

If your post has full sentence structure, has been proofread, and is easy to read, then the thousands of readers will appreciate your effort and show you mutual respect.

If your words make you appear like a fool, then we will think of you as a fool, even if you’re brilliant.

Please adhere to the advice on this thread, and you will be well received here.

Andy Baker

Somehow I didn’t interpret that as a judgment. After reading your post, Mike, I was reminded of the year, 1968. I wanted rose colored glasses. Literally. I found a tiny little shop down by the St. Louis Zoo <grin, I love that zoo> that would fit me with rose colored lens. It didn’t change my view of the world nearly as much as I had hoped but it did give others a perspective with which to view me.

Gracious Professionalism has become a lens that I do look through when working with others and when viewing the world. To me it is a lens of wisdom not judgment. I do agree with you that GP isn’t a phrase to be used as a tool to judge others, and that at its best, Gracious Professionalism can be viewed as a way of life.