Forums Moved

The forums have been moved to the new server, if you’re seeing this. I’m still verifying things, but it all looks good so far. Please respond to this thread if you notice things acting weird, throwing errors, etc.


I see one grave error: nobody’s said a thank-you for your hard work (on a holiday weekend, no less).

There, fixed that. :slight_smile:

I echo Billfred’s thanks.

Also it seems I got two subscribed forums notifications this evening (or morning, I suppose) for the same forum.


Weird … may have been a fluke. Let me know if it keeps happening and I’ll check into it. Or if anybody else sees the same thing happening, let me know.

Same here, subscribed thread, about an hour apart. The first one had multiple posts (some of which were resends from the notification before); the second only had 2 posts (both of which were in the first one).

The old server may have sent them. I’ll shut that site off just in case, now that everythings moved over.

Let me know if you get any more duplicates after this.

I noticed this AM the you last visited at XX time was missing from recent posts.

Also as always thanks for your efforts to keep the forum going.


Scratch that. My next trip to the home page it popped up.


Thanks for the update!

I have an issue trying to update my avtar, It goes to that page and says its not able to do it.



Can you give me an exact error you’re getting, so I can find where it’s failing in the code?


Here you go! It happens when I click “update”

Thanks Brandon!


Should be fixed now. Thanks!

Here’s a weird one. Before the upgrade, I could see deleted posts (as in, the space where they had been deleted and the reasons)… Now I can’t.

Whether that’s a good thing or not… well, it makes this post a little odd-sounding. (Two before it, one spam and one reported tag have been deleted.) In other cases it’s nice, though.

Deletions being visible to normal users is a VB permission setting. Something probably just got flipped in the server move.

You should be able to see … check again.

No luck, unfortunately.

Probably not caused by the move, but stops at March 2011. However, if you click through to the details, you can access the missing stats.

That’s a manual update and I’ve been lazy. I’ll update those sometime soon. :slight_smile:

You’re looking at the thread view, right, not the single post view?

Thread view here.

^Reported. Shortly there might be an example in this thread…

Edit: Yep, thought so. I can’t see that the spam was deleted…