Foul question on Galileo field in playoffs

Need some help. We are on Galileo field in red robots and in match 6 of quarterfinals had a foul with about 10 seconds left. I have a video of the match but can’t post it. All we see is 2 of our robots hitting each other trying to get to the batter. The ref right in front of them calls a foul.

We are not complaining about the ref or the foul but just want to understand why a foul was called.

Unfortunately the video is 300 MB in size and i can’t get it to load here.

Let me know if anyone has a way to get matches and add this specific match and time frame being discussed or if you are able to view it somewhere and can comment on it.


You need to have one of your drive team members ask in the question box immediately after the match in order to really attempt to find out - the same as any regional or district event.

Drive teams didn’t even know there was a foul.or when it happened to know what to ask. Hoping to get a video of it later. It may have been a boulder they ran over while carrying a boulder but we couldn’t see any in the courtyard but the view I have of the field is being blocked. Will research further.