Found in Boston - Robot Piece Yours?

I found a piece of robot (I think) outside the Boston arena several hours after close. I’d like to get it back to whoever is missing it.

It is cylindrical, perhaps a quarter inch in diameter, has 4 holes drilled through the side, and has a flattened head.

If it is yours, let please let me know. I’ll be at the championship, so I can hopefully give it to you then.


This is the robot piece we found.

We found it on the sidewalk.

Can you snap a photo?

That piece sounds remarkably like a clevis pin so it should cost less than $1 to replace. It’s quite possible that the team that lost it doesn’t even know they have.

It sounds a lot liek the clevis pins we use for our bumpers…

does it look like this…If so I don’t think any team will miss it as they are cheap and available in loads of places.

That is it exactly. 8 years of FIRST and I only find out what it is called now? Ouch :wink:

I guess this means that all is right in the world.