Found: name badge from team 1787

Edit: arrangements have been made to return the badge.


Serious question: why didnt you just give it to pit admin the moment you found it?

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Sounds like it would have been out of his way…

Sure, but going out of their way to go to pit admin is better than effectively doxxing a student.


That seems like an awfully rude accusation to make to someone who’s going out of their way to help someone find their lost badge…

Plus, pits close at 6, correct? Is it possible he and his group we’re leaving and couldn’t go back to pit admin? Maybe they were heading to the welcome party?


Thank you! I think it’d be easier if you drop it off at our pit in the morning.


If there is a consensus that pit admin is a better spot to leave it, I can do that too…

But going all the way back to cobo wasn’t really an option at the time. (It was actually one of our mentors who found it)

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Student’s badges do not have last names on them, so this leads me to believe it is a mentor’s badge.

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I found this to be different in Houston. More than a couple of 2046’s students had last names on theirs as students.


It is a mentor’s badge

Will do!

My understanding is that students over 18 also have last names on them. That’s how it was for the Totes.

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At least 1 of the 2046 students i referenced earlier was under 18.
Maybe 2046 is special i guess?

That’s strange, and should not have been the case. I guess FIRST doxxed them since they walked around with their first and last name along with their team number on display for thousands to see.

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Champs, for the most part, is not indexable through a search engine for anyone to look up.

I dont recall ever entering my students DOB into the registration system for the competition. Unless it is linked up with STIMS (which I doubt) there would be no way to know if a student is under or over 18.

Fair point. Maybe @ash4fun can edit his OP to remove the last name. Not sure I see it as being a problem, but just to be safe I guess it couldnt hurt.

The topic should just be deleted since someone from the team already acknowledged the OP and an arrangement has been made.


I second this motion. @moderators

I guess we are special, most of us had last names on our badges. We were confused about it as well.