Found Really Cool Windows text Editor

ConTEXT. Includes highlighter for anything (can make own), will except an external compiler, and lots of other stuff!

I believe this is like maybe the third time I’ve ever seen the words “cool” and “Windows” in the same sentence. :smiley:

MrToast, Mac addict extraordinaire

… Who can’t pass up any opportunity to bash Windows. :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Do you blame him? :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic slightly… :slight_smile:

I’ve used ConTEXT before. Good program. You might also want to try Crimson Editor. (

Who can resist an opportunity to bash Macs? I’ll try…
Unlike the rest of the world, 85% of us use Windows, so I’m trying to lighten the oppresion a little.

The application is called SciTE Editor.
Really good. Tell it where to find the bin directory for (almost) any language and it’ll compile/interpret/run the program for you. And it has highlighting templates for dozens of languages.

Syntax hilighting for… well… everything
Runs on… well… everything
Use with make for edit-compile-debug
Its better than emacs
The list goes on and on…
If you want to learn more, is very good. So is #vim on

OSX > Windows

Better than Emacs!?! :slight_smile:

Personally, I can never figure out the crazy modal editing… I always end up putting strange characters into my stuff instead of entering commands. And don’t get me even stated about deleting… (or, is that easy? I can never figure it out… ;))

Ya, its pretty tough to start, but once you get the hang of it, its almost natural to type things like dt) and 2cw.
Thats nothing compared to regexps thou.
Theres nothing like typing something like :%s/^(.*)
\1/\1$/ (delete duplicate lines) and watching what happens (especially to the faces of people watching)

A holy war, the one I’ve been waiting for, is here! At long last! Rapture!

Emacs sucks. Vi, Pico, Notepad, Vim, Ultraedit, and the above editor rule. So does reverse polish notation, swedish engineering, and wikipedia.

Windows is a mighty force of evil. Linux is fantastic. Specifically Debian. Yes, I like apt-get. Yes, I compile from source when it makes sense.

Macs are good for media. Otherwise, they suck. Apple is dying. No, Really. Apple is perpetually dying, the real question is what is causing it this time around.

Visual C++ is not a compiler. BASIC, Python, Lisp, and Ruby are not real programming languages. C is a real programmer’s language. No, I don’t need classes.

OO is the work of satan. So was DOS, Clippy, Microsoft Bob, the iPod, the phrase “lol,” AOL, Nigerian scammers, spam of any type, IIS, All Your Base Remixes, the dot-com boom, geocities, livejournal, the republican party, SUV’s, soccermoms, apple pie, Ti-Calculators, McDonalds, redundancy, redundancy, COBOL, and most definately t3h le3t spe4akx0rs!!!1!

There, got it all out of my system. I’ll see everyone tommorrow.

I agree. Macs suck. and for info on MS bob, try here. And MS isn’t evil, so much as tainted.

Aren’t those Windows editors? :slight_smile:

Have to agree on the BASIC thing. But, come to the future. My objects wish to eat you.

#include <violence>

class enemy
        enum speed { slow, fast, spontaneous };
        void getEaten(speed howFast); // Note that this class doesn't throw any exceptions; there is no chance of failing

int main(int argc, char **agrv)
    enemy phrontist = new enemy;
    return 0; // we, of course, succeeded

Texan compiles and runs it. If you ever die, you’ll know that my class succeeded in getting you. :wink:

All in good fun. :slight_smile:

Come, now. Usually I like to stay out of holy wars and such … but for shame! did you have to bad mouth Lisp? Once you get your eyes fixed after looking at a program or two, it ain’t all that bad … actually, it can be quite powerful. I especially like Scheme (a dialect of Common Lisp). Hrm … how odd that I put that in parentheses, no? :smiley:

Afterall, who can resist tail-end recursion and the ability to say cadr, caaddr, etc. as freely as one pleases?

   (define (factorial n)
     (define (iterate n acc)
       (if (<= n 1)
           (iterate (- n 1) (* acc n))))
     (iterate n 1))

English? or at least C?

Ah yes, good old LISP. I tried to learn that at one point. Then I decided I was too sane.
And I am terribly sorry for starting this holy war. I think we should all lay down our prejudice and realize that it dosent matter what editor you use. All that matters is how well your code works. You can just make it work a lot faster if you use vim.
And, just for the record:
Windows is the work of the devil but cant be avoided so just learn to live with it (carry knoppix around with you)
OSX is awesome (because it is UNIX based)
Linux is awsome
but Amiga pwnz all

all macs are eviller than windows.

How do you figure?
Was the last mac you used an iMac running OS < 9?

The last one i used was really overpriced. It was connected to a really overpriced lcd screen. Next to it was a really overpriced iPod.

It’s OS X I haven’t really used. I used to be able to use OS 9 whenever (Then school got out).