Founder's Broadcast

I didn’t see a thread for general Founder’s Broadcast discussion.

What did people think about Dean Kamen’s comment on the patent process?

Also, Happy Kickoff Eve from all of us here at Team Paradise 1165. Our robot, M-O seems to be really excited

I wasn’t sure what law he was referring to, but it sounds like a good thing it wasn’t passed.

Woody’s political metaphor was great though

Yeah, woody’s thing was just so good :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean the Jefferson-Hamilton one that nobody in the room understood?

did they show the KOP item? I missed the first 30 mins of the broadcast

The 2015 “Behind the Design” book

Not specifically. The entire speech was one long commentary on American politics and relating it to FIRST. I just like how he related something everyone is talking about right now (Presidential Primaries) and showed how FIRST could have a positive impact.

Plus it was pretty funny in my opinion.

oh! Not what I was expecting! But that’s an awesome thing to have! I might keep it at my house ::rtm::

Anyone know how to purchase a copy of the book?


After tomorrow morning.

Is there a link to the broadcast?

Is there a link to an archive of the broadcast?

Really hoping so, for those of us on the West Coast who were still at work and got home late.

I got the other two from Amazon, I hope I’ll be able to get my own copy of this one too. Perhaps my team will let me store the team copy at my house…

I’d love to read it and see exactly what our team was able to get in the book. We were excited to have the opportunity to have be in the book.