Four in the air at one time

So over here at 2521 we got our hopper and trigger prototypes working this afternoon.
We could fire four frisbees in about 3 seconds.
After we put up the target we could hit three out of four.

Did you ever notice that a Home Depot bucket holds Frisbees perfectly?

How fast are you running the wheel? (rpms)

Is that a 1-wheeled linear shooter?

I don’t think so, if you watch the second video it looks like there’s some curve to it.

Originally Posted by Andrew Lawrence
Is that a 1-wheeled linear shooter?

In our testing with a linear shooter, we found that one wheel actually produced a more stable flight than a two wheel linear shooter.

Really? What wheels did you use? What speed? Can anyone else confirm this?

We don’t have an encoder on it yet, so I don’t know the RPM, but in these shots it’s running the CIM at about 90% power, direct drive onto the pneumatic wheel.

No it’s about 90 degree curve.

Love the mechanism to hold back the stacked frisbee.

Yep! We discovered that today too and after brutally mutilating it to exactly fit our robot, it’s now… well, part of our robot.
We were able to shoot 4 frisbees in about the same speed, maybe SLIGHTLY slower by turning two cim motors with pneumatic wheels attached and using a window motor with L-bracket attached to push frisbees into our two wheels. On the controller, x moves the window motor forward and y moves it backwards, so quickly spamming xyxyxyxy means we shoot 4 frisbees extremely fast, and they ALL hit EXACTLY the same spot, not counting mistakes caused by human error (still prototyping)

Excellent. I look forward to the no doubt soon-to-be-posted video.

Three weeks in and wishing we were further ahead, but then that’s always the case at this point.

We found the same thing our 1 wheel linear shooter has been very powerful and accurate, and is easily shooting full court. With an 8 inch pneumatic wheel direct driven by a cim