four wheel drive

Is there any MPLab C-18 sample code out there for a four wheel drive system which uses 4 wheels (each with their own seperate motor)?

Thanks in advance

Unless you need to control the front and rear motor speed separately on each side, there’s no difference in either programming or wiring between what you’re doing and a standard tank drive system with two motors in tandem on each side.

If you do want individual control of each motor…why? And how do you plan to give the driver that control?

The only theory I can think of is that a team would want to attempt a mecanum drive with the ability to switch quickly to a traditional skid-steer arrangement for strategy reasons. The answer to your other question is a little hard for me to compute on the amount of sleep I had last night.

I am not good at programing but if you use a “y” cable you can use four PWM’s from two out puts, Also their is not much Programing to add two out puts to your joystick control. Look over the the program and every thing is labled and you should be able copy and past what you need. Look at the manual for the out put labels for the inputs and outputs, If I can figure it out anybody can. Start at this web site