four wheeled omni drive CAD file request

Hi, I am from team 1245 the MO-HI Shazbots, from Louisville Colorado.

Our team is looking for a four wheeled Omni drive CAD file(s), because we want to explore the possibility of 4 wheeled Omni drive for this year’s upcoming challenge, and want to have a solid (works haha, pun intended) plan pre season, so we do not waste the precious time during build season on something that could have been created earlier.

there is only one problem for us, we are not sure how to begin.

If anyone has ideas, photos or Possibility some CAD files we could download, that would be great!

Thank you all so much!
-the MO-HI CAD team.

If you’re looking for CAD files of robots, I’d recommend the Autodesk Inventor Design Competition database at the Autodesk FIRSTBase:
If you log in to your team’s account you should be able to look at CAD files of all the robots entered into the Inventor competition. Several of them should have 4 wheeled omni drive. (I know for certain 341 Miss Daisy used an omni setup with the omni wheels in 4 pairs)

awesome, exactly what I was looking for. thank you!