Fourth week strategy poll

I am curious where you going to get all of your points.

we’re doing our scoring in the center goal but we plan on being defense all the time other than autonomous…

We’re going for corner goals.

we PLAN on going for the top goals…but that depends a lot on whether or not the shooter mechanism actually gets completed

We decided that (as a rookie team), we would more likely have an operational robot by crunch time if we went for the side goal.

we’re able to do both so it’l vary depending on our alliance partners…

we will be able to do both as well as defensivly remove balls from play

We know we are capable of scoring in the top goal; whether it becomes our main scoring method depends on how reliably we can do it. I hope it is how we score, since we based the design around this concept, and I feel we’ll be much less effective if we are unable to score in the center.