[FPC Blog] Santa Clara Forming Independent District [Fake]

Post on FPC Blog: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/fpc-blog-santa-clara-forming-independent-district/467549 by Vasista, Senior, FIRST Pobotics Competition June 12, 2024

Two days ago, the South Carolina district expanded to include teams from South Carolina. The goal with this expansion was to build the skills and knowledge for FIRST ® Santa Clara to eventually form an independent district.

We are excited to announce that FIRST Santa Clara is transitioning to an independent district for the 2024-2025 season!

We’re still working on making these updates in our systems, so Santa Clara teams won’t see this new district reflected in the FIRST Dashboard yet.

Good luck to our new district, FIRST Santa Clara!

Last I checked on Team and Event Search | FIRST SC had 64 active teams last season?


It aint april


santa clara. california? whar

Now a Southern California district might make more sense… But just Santa Clara?

Original post this parody thread was based on


Santa Clara County, maybe, but the city of Santa Clara does not have 64 teams. They do have freedom away from the oppressor (PG&E), but they don’t have 64 teams.


This looks like a gag post to me…

The joke is that the city of Santa Clara has 50% more teams than the entire South Carolina district has now (64 vs 38), lol.

Some would say the CA district joke is stale but, alas, we’re all going insane over here so just call it a coping mechanism :wink:


It just looked a bit too real at first, anyway you can edit the title to include Joke or something, just so its a bit more clear?

You’re not assuming every “districts is coming to CA confirmed” post is fake?



Changed topic to rumor mill and added [Fake] on thread title.

10/10 would recommend Santa Clara purely for the lack of PG&E besides my gas bill.


The post coming from FPC, First Pobotics Competition, the competition run by Dragon Master Po Ping, wasn’t enough huh


Your sloppy edits werent sloppy enough

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I generally warn people that faking official announcements about CA going district is regarded as a crime punishable by the worst torture you can imagine.

Not physical torture, mind you…

Some topics are just off limits to jokes.

I was about to jump for joy but then I remembered the world is a cruel place and there is no room for happiness


Not to do some collateral emotional damage, but if a single city were able to go to districts, I’d expect it to happen on the other side of the country first.


FIMD (FIRST in Metro Detroit), not technically a single city, but I mean… By numbers it might support it