[FPR] Week 0.5-1 Power Rankings

FRC Power Rankings is proud to debut our first edition of a set of “Power Rankings” for the FIRST Stronghold 2016 Game. Some may be wondering what makes this different from the rankings posted by FIRST Updates Now/FRC Top 25. We decided to investigate the top teams of the season thus far from a more statistical standpoint in order to gain a more objective and holistic point of view. These rankings provide a timeline for teams to see how they stack up to the competition from week to week and figure out what they need to improve to rise in position on the standings.

Each team was evaluated based on a set of empirical data on an objective basis, complemented with a qualitative analysis obtained from reviewing match video. We describe their strengths and weaknesses in each paragraph as well as attach a video showcasing their offensive capabilities from the events they attended.

The standings can be found by following the link: http://frcpowerrankings.blogspot.com/

Nice list, of course I’m a little biased :wink:

2883 and 5172 are Minnesota teams, not Michigan teams.

What kind of statistics goes into your selections? Are these arbitrary selections or based on real-time numbers from each event?

Looks like the stats published by FIRST and OPR. I’d be curious to hear more about your evaluation process as I know the challenges associated with ranking all these teams.

Same :slight_smile:

Guess I am biased but 4009 went undefeated in their regional and picked Hawaiian Kids for their alliance. It seems most of these lists have some type of past years performances for basis. Correct? Note that I am fairly new and have told our team that it takes time to get recognized beyond our regional.

Some of the statistics do come from averaging various statistics published by FIRST and OPR and are taken into consideration for narrowing down the top 150 teams, but others are statistics manually taken from specific matches as well. Statistics published by FIRST and OPR are generally utilized purely to narrow the field, and from there a more intensive analysis of individual teams based on match video and robot capabilities is undergone as well as comparing peak performances and general consistency.

An important note: Like in 2012, an elements that count only as ranking points are converted to match points during eliminations. I hope someone is working on how to update this year’s OPR calculation to include OPRs for “breach” and “capture” that are then multiplied by 20 and 25 points to get a better measure of overall OPR.