Frame Perimeter, and Bumpers Question

As long as I understood from the manual, the bumpers have to surround the frame perimeter. Do we determine the frame perimeter according to the base of the robot or do we take the largest part of the robot?

Our robot’s base is smaller than its upper part:

Is there a way we can put bumpers around it without violating any rules?

R02. In the STARTING CONFIGURATION (the physical configuration in which a ROBOT starts a
MATCH), no part of the ROBOT shall extend outside the vertical projection of the FRAME
PERIMETER, with the exception of its BUMPERS and minor protrusions such as bolt heads,
fastener ends, rivets, etc.

R31. BUMPERS must be supported by the structure/frame of the ROBOT (see Figure 8-7). To be considered supported, a minimum of ½ in. (~12.7 mm) at each end of each BUMPER wood segment must be backed by the FRAME PERMIETER. “Ends” exclude hard BUMPER parts which extend past the FRAME PERIMETER permitted by R29, part B. Additionally, any gap between the backing material and the frame:
A. must not be greater than ¼ in. (~6 mm) deep, or
B. not more than 8 in. (~20 cm) wide

Bumpers mounted to frame perimeter.

Frame perimeter determined by holding a piece of string around chassis where bumpers will mount.

So, no, as shown that is illegal. BUT, if the he little angled bit pops out after the start of the match, its all good… provided that the angled bit does not extend beyond the bumper size limits.

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Simply that robot is only legal if that protrusion is included in the perimeter and you have a similar protrusion that your bumpers are mounted to. As drawn it isn’t legal.

There’s one or two rules that you didn’t quote that hold the key to unlocking the answer. Here they are, along with a short description.

The bumper zone: This is where the bumpers are mounted, and where the Frame Perimeter is determined. This year, it’s 0-7 inches from the floor.

On determining the Frame Perimeter:

The question you’re asking comes down to one simple question: Is that angle in the Bumper Zone? Given the general shape, I would guess that it probably isn’t. If it was in the zone, it would define the Frame Perimeter, and you’d be fine. It isn’t, therefore you’re going to need to do something.

As to what you do, that would be mechanism-dependent. You could, for example, construct the whole thing on a hinge so that it would be able to be placed inside the Frame Perimeter to start the match, then fall to where you want it as soon as the robot starts moving.

You wouldn’t be the only team to discover this little problem…

@SenorZ: Depends on whether their bumpers are at maximum volume or not. If the bumpers aren’t at max volume, they can go right ahead and go past them, though that does carry certain other risks related to game rules and contact.

**Obligatory disclaimer: **As with all other rules, these rules are subject to change for the 2018 game. Therefore, any opinion expressed based on these 2017 game rules is only valid until January 5, 2018. :slight_smile:

+1, with R01 being the key, but the real story being built up of multiple rules.

Constructively, the rules of the past few years (2015 excepted) have required that the the BUMPERS (except mounting hardware) begin and remain completely outside of the FRAME PERIMETER, and that every non-BUMPER part of the robot begin the match completely inside the vertical prism defined by the FRAME PERIMETER. Consequently, any robot part which extends over, under, or beyond the bumpers must begin each match inside the FRAME PERIMETER and be moved outward during the match.