Frame perimeter clarification

On our robot this year we have a pivoting/extendible arm that will extend beyond the frame perimeter extendable allowance of 30” in certain configurations. If this is limited by code only to avoid these situations is this complaint with the rules or is a hard stop or a mechanical impossibility of extending this far needed to have this complaint.

Usually if your extension is limited in software, the inspector will ask for a demo, and will specifically note for the refs to watch for this. Having some clear mark which will show when/if you exceed the limit will also make the refs job easier, which means you are less likely to get an erroneous call (either for or against).

Feel free to ask Q&A, but expect an answer which kicks the question to the LRA and referees at your event.

From the blue box in R4: “Expect to have to demonstrate a ROBOT’S ability to constrain itself per above during Inspection. Constraints may be implemented with either hardware or software.”