Our chassis this year has a edge which is bended outside (for strength), Is this legal? I’ve attached an example, the bended edge is in the red circle.

would anything under it be considered inside the frame perimeter?



If it is longer than 8 inches it is. But I do not think you will pass the inspection. But I may be wrong.::rtm::

While I can’t immediately think of anything illegal about this, it might make attaching your bumpers challenging.

Yes, but you need to mount your bumpers such that they are at the frame perimeter as well. If this is an elevation view, the edge of the bent piece is the frame perimeter, and the bumpers must be mounted relative to that edge.

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox

Per R2, your FRAME PERIMETER is defined by the outer most points in the bumper zone, ignoring minor protrusions such as bolt heads. So, if that bend is within in the bumper zone, then it defines your frame perimeter - you have to have your bumpers mounted so they are along the edge, and that edge counts towards the 112".

If that bend is NOT inside the bumper zone (it’s above 10" or below 2"), then it is NOT legal, as it would be outside your frame perimeter during the start of the match.

I’m looking at that as a view straight down your wheels on one side with the wheel in the center and black bars as the axle.

If that is the case that lip would be outside your perimeter and wouldn’t be legal in my view according to the rules. That wouldn’t fit as a minor protrusion either. The only way to make that work is if that bend sticks out less than a 1/4" from the vertical plate or if you add supports every 8" for your bumpers.

What is stopping you from flipping that over so it goes in towards the robot like the kit chassis does rather than out? That would retain the strength you gain, would negate any issues of being legal, and make you bumper situation considerably easier to figure out.

That certainly looks like the kit chassis w/ the outer side plates attached backwards. If it is the kit chassis…Take the side plates off and turn them around so that 1/2" lip faces in toward the wheels, and then you will be frame perimiter legal & have that 1/2" at each corner you also will need at each corner backing the bumper according to the bumper rules.

While such a configuration could be made legal, especially regarding bumper attachment, it would be very challenging. The outermost edge of the bent part defines your frame perimeter, and bumpers MUST be attached to your frame perimeter. Attaching bumpers to a 1/8" thick edge will be a challenge.