Frame Perimeter when climbing tower?

You may well want to use the face of the tower as a guide for your mechanism to ensure it grabs the rung.

Note that, as per the math I posted earlier, this should be possible without exceeding the limit. But you have to be careful, since it will be close.

The ramp on the batter is 48" long, so I don’t think many teams will have robots contact the carpet while they are grabbing a rung.

So, you plan to build a robot that is excess of 48" in length? Then you will be less than 12 inches in width. I doubt you would make it to the tower before you fell over, so climbing becomes a moot point. I should have said that

“within the design constraints of a reasonable robot that can play the game, length makes no difference.”

Thanks for all the support guys, glad I asked. This is going to be a heck of a game for the refs to keep track of.

Honestly, I hope the refs have some device for measuring this if they’re going to be strict about calling it, because there’s absolutely no way that anyone is going to be able to discern with their naked eye whether a ~6’ tall climbing extension is angled just enough to be violating this rule.

If this is called purely by eye, either nothing close will be called or there will be a lot of wrong calls.

can the wheel protrude outside the wheel base?

I have been modeling this as well. Seems to me that if the front of your frame projected to the ramp is < 6.3" from the wall face any reach for the bar should adhere to all the rules of 15" beyond the perimeter during the reach. How your robot folds up during the lift is up to you. If only reaching for the bar you can be < 10.5" Your reach should be ok.

I modeled with the Team Prints for the Chin up bar.



Please clarify your question. There is no definition of “wheel base” in the rules. So we go to the real world definition of wheel base, and it’s defined as the distance between wheels. Actually it’s center-to-center distance. So you can look at it, that your wheels are always outside your wheel base (the leading and trailing parts of the wheels).

Saving our reveal till an appropriate time but I’m confident we have this. Hope they leave the rule alone::rtm::

For ten points?

For ten points that no other robot on your alliance can achieve. There’s an opportunity cost associated with passing up points in autonomous or challenging/scaling.