Frame perimeter

Can someone clarify rule R0-1. Am I reading correctly that the main frame of the robot has to be within the height of 2 to 10 inches? or is that just the bumper? Can you have a frame that is higher than that with a secondary frame that is attached to it that is within the 2 to 10 inches?

The bumper must be between 2" and 10" from the floor (within the bumper zone). If you have your frame higher or lower than the 2"-10" window, then you do need to have something within that zone where the bumpers are mounted. (See the bumper rules.)

The frame itself can be anywhere from 0-60" from the floor (any higher and you’re outside the sizing box). But for the sake of not tipping over, I’d suggest placing it lower than 60".

The frame perimeter is established by the dimensions of your frame in the bumper zone. Your robot construction above the bumper zone can be in any configuration you wish as long as nothing is bigger than the frame perimeter in any dimension and meets all other frame criteria. Appendages that can extend outside the Frame Perimeter must be able to remain fully inside the Frame Perimeter in order to determine the Starting Configuration of your robot. The established test is (with bumpers removed) a robot pushed against a vertical wall, will have the Frame Perimeter (the frame in the Bumper Zone) be the first thing to touch the wall. This test must be repeated for each distinct side of the robot. In addition, your robot in this test will need to fit inside a sizing box that will be 28" x 38" x 60" high. You will also be asked if your robot can extend up to 84" high and if that is your design, you will be asked to demonstrate that as part of your inspection.
A big source of confusion is the reference to minor extensions of the frame for welds, bolt heads, etc. that can be allowed behind the bumper. These minor extensions must in all cases fit inside the 28" x38" sizing.

The Robot must satisfy the following size constraints:
A. horizontal dimensions must not exceed 28 by 38 in.,
B. the absolute height must not exceed 84 in.,
C. the height of the Robot at the start of the match must not exceed 60 in.,
D. any appendage may not extend more than 14 in. beyond the frame perimeter, and
E. no other part of the Robot may extend beyond the vertical projection of the Frame Perimeter (with the
exception of minor protrusions permitted per [R01-2]).