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So there seem to be no rules on size constraint besides R3 part b which says it must be able to arranged in a transport configuration, 28 inches x 42 inches x 78 inches. So my question is: Does the robot have to start the match inside the given “transport” size restraints? or can we be bigger than that at the start of the match on the field?

TRANSPORT CONFIGURATION – a configuration of a ROBOT which does not exceed 2 ft. 4 in. wide x 3 ft. 6 in. deep x 6 ft. 6 in. tall and is
used in transferring ROBOTS among competition locations (e.g. the Team’s Pit, the Practice Field, Inspection, the ARENA, etc.)

The way I read it, the Transport Configuration only applies when the robot is moving between the pit and another location like the field. Once on the field, the robot can be deployed (manually or automatically) to any configuration provided it stays under the height requirement of 78 inches.

R3 The ROBOT must satisfy the following size constraints:
A. during a MATCH, the ROBOT height may not exceed 78 in.

Question has been asked and answered. May not immediately show up on search but give it a shot first. Transport dimensions are only for transport. There is an addendum in the manual that states specifically that your robot can be of any size when placed on the field. This means you should probably build a 27’x27’ robot so that you can score every game piece without moving, clearly the best strategy (though your alliance partners may not appreciate it).