Frame rail and general use square tubing

hey everyone. i’m new to design/cad and such. i’m certainly no engineer. i usually am the guy who takes what the engineer designs and makes it with what ever material and tools we have on hand, then teaches the kids to drive it.
but we dont have a design mentor at the moment so i’ve been learning what i can about design and cad so we have some one at least to help us out.
ive seen in a few videos where teams are using tubing with a hole pattern where 5/32 rivet holes are every inch or half inch or so. some have referred to this as 1678 style tubing. im just wondering if this is a tubing you can buy or something they made via mill or cnc router or something. i know versa tubing is an option but im just trying to learn what ALL my options are going into this season.
thanks in advance!


The commercial product your asking for us called “Versaframe” by a company called Vex Robotics. My team, as well as 1678 and hundreds of other teams use Versaframe widely, along with matching gussets, to quickly rivet together strong aluminum structures.

Vex has lots of Versaframe options, as well as many other products to help build FRC robots. I recommend you get familiar with their catalog.

well versa frame seems to be different from what the other teams appear to be using. they have 1x2 tubing with 2 or 3 rows of holes already drilled on the 2" side. where as the versa tube just has spots for you to drill holes manually. am i missing something?

No you are correct. There is currently no COTS tubing with a hole pattern on the 2in face. I hope somebody can make that soon, I know my team would buy it, but for now versaframe is the only tubing that comes with a hole pattern. Most teams who put a hole pattern in their tubes use a CNC router.


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