Frame Render Problem

I been trying to figure out this problem for almost a week now and can’t seem to come up with a solution.

The bottom line question is 3ds Max always freezes on frame 105 of any animation.

  • I know the screen saver or power management is kicking in because I been moving my mouse every once a while
  • It render 0-104 fine
  • It render 106-120 fine

I have tried to change camera angles. . . I have tried just having a regular square block rotating on the screen in a totally different .max file and will still freeze at 105. . . I have tried also to render 105 to a BMP/JPG picture by itself (single frame) and still froze up on that. . .

Anyone had this problem or similar?? Solutions?? Ideas??

Computer specs:
core 2 duo 2.13 ghz
7600gs graphics card
2 gb ram

-turn off screen saver
-reinstall max
-send a bug report to autodesk
-try to reset max by loading the default UI scheme
-change graphics mode
-render with a different renderer (like mental ray or v-ray)

and finally the best advice i can give you.

-create your animations to render around frame 105, like pretend frame 106 is frame 0

I can’t give you much advice to you on this one. I’ve seen some pretty screwy things with max but this one by far is really odd.

Hmm… well one of your objects in the scene could be causing this problem, but it’s odd that it would only be in that one frame unless of course the object appears then. Try changing out different textures and things that could be the cause of it. At the frame check for anything underneath the render bar, if it says like “object_01” then it freezes, it’s most likely that object. Pretty much max is voodoo magic at times, stupid stuff can work for no reason. Things like just moving the objects to a new scene has worked for me. Good luck!

I reinstalled 3ds max and that seem to fix the problem. . .

I think it might have been a collision calculation problem but not totally sure because it did the same with a simple render also