Franco Harris to First

Robotics competition chair

Hall of fame running back Franco Harris has been named chairman of the Pittsburgh FIRST Robotics Competition Advisory Board. FIRST – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology – was organized 15 years ago by inventor Dean Kamen and now includes more than 900 teams around the world and $4.9 million in scholarship prizes. Between 30 and 40 teams from area high schools are expected at the Pittsburgh Regional FIRST Robotics Competition March 11-12 at the Petersen Events Center in Oakland.

Could this be a game hint also? :wink:

This is excellent. Franco Harris is a very well-known celebrity and a winner. This gives the Pittsburgh Regional some great publicity and will bring more people into FIRST. Franco Harris fans will now attend the competition, just for the slight chance to meet or see him. If a few of them get stuck on FIRST at the same, then we have a positive result.

While I forsee some people saying “we don’t need jocks to help promote FIRST” or “this will take attention away from the teams”, I see no harm in this. The bottom line is that this will bring FIRST more attention.

As for game hints: a robot will have to pass a football around the field, bouncing it off of opponents before their alliance partner catches it.

Andy B.

So Andy, will this game be called Fumble Frenzy?

Maybe… and I bet that a robot will be named “the immaculate contraption”.

Andy B.

Yup yup… Also, I hear they’ll let everyone in the pits run on radio this year. FIRST feels that having Franco there ensures immaculate reception.

While I’m sure this will have the beneficial effect on FIRST Andy mentioned in his post, unfortunately, I am an extreme (and currently suffering) Cleveland Browns fan, so the addition of a Pittsburgh Steeler to the advisory board holds no WOW factor for me. :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe while I’m at Pittsburgh I can go up to him and ask him if the Immaculate Reception was, indeed, an illegal catch as so many claim… Nyah, nyah, nyah! There is no gracious professionalism in the Browns-Steelers rivalry!

Now if they can get Bernie Kosar to chair the Buckeye Regional Advisory Committee, that would be cool…

All points will be scored by kicking field goals or running through a steel curtain defense!

(Keep the puns coming) :ahh:

It’s a good thing I didn’t have to pay to read this post, because I would want my quarter-back. :rolleyes:

Let’s leave the football uniforms at home though, teams. Stick to t-shirts.

The last thing I want to see is Baker in Brett Favre yellow spandex… shudder

bada ba BING!!!

football… why do i have a funny feeling the europeans will be bashing us for taking the name of thier sport…

does this mean there will another game with soccer balls!?!

So I take it the only thing that would be worse is if John Elway was on the board for the Colorado regional (sorry, had to be said… :smiley: )

Or Michael Jordan at Midwest…Or even worse, (f)Art Modell for Chesapeake… Many sports figures have tortured the city of Cleveland in the past - that’s why it’s the most tortured fan base in the country. It’s a good thing security is so good at the Naval Academy, because I think all of Northeast Ohio would try to descend upon that place if they found out Modell’d be there in person…

Surprisingly enough, I actually rooted for good ol’ Happy Horse Teeth in his Super Bowl victories. He was a Bronco in every sense of the word. Heck, he was even originally drafted by the Colts. The horse thing was in his blood.

Weren’t a few Colts players scheduled to pay a visit to the IRI in 2003? A lot of these players, in addition to being high-priced entertainers who represent the professional sports whose core principles counter those of FIRST, are still very active and positive contributors to local charities and schools. I would think that all regionals would benefit from asking such celebrities to attend their events and speak on their behalf.

This won’t mean much to most of you but when you go to the Arizona Regional the local arena football team is practicing. The coach of that team is Danny White and he has always stopped by and watched a little of the competition. Danny White was the Cowboys QB after Starbach.

noooo… i bet thats the first thing you would like to see, andy baker in brett favre yellow spandex :smiley:

Danny White was the Cowboys QB after Starbach.

And Starbach went on to form Starbachs coffee, and has since made millions.

Maybe we could get Ron Artest to present the ‘Gracious Professionalism’ Award at the Boilermaker Regional? :slight_smile:

(I can say this since I am an Indiana resident and a Pacer fan -
and old enough to remember when they played in the ABA).

Artest might work well since it is a once a year event so we could suspend him after each regional and not use him again till next year.

Joking aside: It sure would be cool if John Wooden could make an appearance since he is a former Boilermaker. On the other hand what about John Glenn another former Boilermaker?

I am sad to inform you that Danny White was fired at the end of last season. The football team will still be practicing.


According to what Franco Harris said when he visited the team here, the test to get into football for Penn State is one question:
Old McDonald had a ________

The test for FIRST scholarship should be “Walk 10 meters” :stuck_out_tongue: