FRC 11 MORT - MAR roboRIO Beta Testing Presentations Update

FRC 11 - MORT has been working with MAR teams FRC 433, FRC 341 & FRC 25 over the past two weeks to schedule and provide a roboRIO Beta Testing presentation at their fall off-season competitions.

We are pleased to announce that MORT 11 will be providing presentations at the GirlPOWER (10/25), Ramp Riot (11/1) and Brunswick Eruption (11/8) off-season competitions. Our friends at FRC 836 - The Robobees will be providing a roboRIO presentation at the Duel on the Delaware (10/18) to help us cover all of the fall MAR off season competitions.

Our team will also be offering a presentation at our high school on 9/27. The details regarding the exact time and location at our school are currently being worked out and we will share those details to the MAR community once available.

Thank you to the off season host teams for providing us the opportunity to present our testing results at their events. We thank everyone in MAR for their support and understanding as we will do our best to cover the MAR region later this fall.

Stay tuned for updates!

Mr. B.

Will teams 11 or 836 be posting video of any of these presentations?

We are looking into possibly posting a video or webcast of one of our presentations, not sure at this time. We will let teams know as we see what we can pull together. Stay tuned…

Will there be any discussion on Labview?

Is there going to be open source documentation of your work available to the MAR teams?

Which programming language(s) are you using? If you are not using all three, are you going to work with other teams to focus on the other languages for MAR?

There is a significant number of Urban Teams in Northern NJ (Newark) and in Philadelphia which are unable to attend off season events. Is there a plan for outreach to those less funded teams in their local areas?

Will you be presenting at kickoff at NJIT or Skillman?

I do not speak on behalf of 11, but since event registration is not required to attend offseason event seminars, there should only be transportation issues preventing even 1 or 2 controls/programming mentors or students from such teams from attending. I think having at least 1 person attending the presentation at 11’s high school is manageable by most teams in the Newark area.

As Mr. B stated, videos and webcasts are also a possibility. I don’t believe it will be a huge issue.

I just wanted to add to the previous post.
Everyone is welcome to come to the Ramp Riot seminar by Team 11.
No competition registration is required and we will make sure that there is enough room for all interested visitors.
Thank you to Team 11 for holding these seminars.

Thank you for your questions regarding the Beta Testing presentations and our team’s efforts on behalf of MAR. I will be working with our team in the coming days to see how we can address your points and do our best to cover all the bases that are needed by MAR teams. I will provide updates via CD as we move forward with this process.

In the meantime, I would recommend to all MAR FRC teams that they join the Facebook Community Page - FRC Beta Test Central. This page will be used by various Beta Testing teams as a means to communicate our documentation/results/Q&A to the entire FRC Community.

Are any of these presentations going to be posted online for non-MAR teams to see?

We are currently looking into that as an option, as soon as details have been arranged we will share.

In the past we have posted videos of beta seminars that were done at Ramp Riot. If we have the media resources and the permission of Team 11 we may post this seminar. I am sure that we will at least investigate this possibility.

Mr. B.

Please please…do post video, even if its not fancy or webcast. It will benefit those who can’t attend the demos.

THANKS in advance.

I want to let all MAR teams know that MORT 11 signed up to test the Java environment. With us being the only MAR team selected by FIRST for the Beta Testing, we understand that many people using the other environments are concerned. We are currently looking to see if we can possibly gain access to the C++/Lab View environments; as well as identifying teams in MAR that use Lab View and C++ as their environments for Beta Testing assistance.

Stay tuned - We appreciate everyone’s understanding and we will continue to update CD as we move forward.

Team 11 is open to working with FRC 341 to help post the Ramp Riot seminar. We are open to exploring various avenues to help share this information for the benefit of MAR and FRC as a whole.

Is there any update on the presentation at Mt. Olive High School? There’s only a week from the 27th and if we can we’d like to finalize transportation and the like. Thanks for doing this guys!

Update regarding FRC Beta Testing presentations from FRC 11:

Exact times at these events are being worked out with host teams and we will update later this week with those times but here are the dates/events we will be presenting at:

10/25 -Girl Power
11/1 - Ramp Riot
11/8 - Brunswick Eruption
12/13 - Mt. Olive High School
1/3 - 2015 Kick Off Montgomery HS

The 9/27 session was rescheduled for 12/13.


Mr. B.

Are you planning to run your robot using a roboRIO in competition at Girl Power?

We are not planning on running the roboRIO at our fall offseason competitions (Girl Power & Ramp Riot). Mr. B.

MAR Teams,

Here’s the schedule for our fall robotRIO presentations. These presentations will take place during the the morning. Our team is targeting a 10:00 AM presentation time with the exception of the Montgomery Kick-Off event. We are waiting for confirmation on final times from all host events but the presentation dates are locked in at this time.

10/25/14 - 10:00 AM - Girl Power Off-Season event - Flourtown, PA

11/1/14 - 10:00 AM - Ramp Riot - Wissahickon, PA

11/8/14 - AM TBD - Brunswick Eruption - North Brunswick, NJ

12/13/14 - 10:00 AM - Mt. Olive High School/New Jersey FIRST LEGO League Tournament - Flanders, NJ

1/3/15 - 8:15 AM - Montgomery High School 2015 FRC Kick-Off Event - Skillman, NJ

We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to seeing your team at one of these presentations.

Mr. B.

Presentation Update - Mark McLeod will be providing the roboRIO presentation @ 10:00 AM at the November 8th Brunswick Eruption Off-Season competition. MORT 11 will not be presenting at this event as originally scheduled. Mr. B.