FRC 1293 2019: Spirit of Opportunity

Meet Spirit of Opportunity, the newest robot from the Pandamaniacs. And, as someone who has seen them all, the best robot from the Pandamaniacs.


  • AM14U4 Chassis, geared 7.31:1 with six Mini CIMs through battle-tested 3CIM4U gearboxes
  • Single-joint arm, powered by a RedLine through a 100:1 57 Sport
  • Arm structure is plasma cut and secured through a mixture of riveted gussets and AndyMark Walnut extrusion, with a tube axle. It’s stout.
  • Cargo intake is a single RedLine A through a Two Motor Sport, using VersaRoller and surgical tubing. Oh, and a TileRunner belt.
  • Hatch panel system is pneumatically actuated using a floating grabber. We are currently using surgical tubing to retract, but a spring-retract cylinder is waiting in the wings and may come out at Palmetto.
  • Verified Level 2 departure and Level 1 return. Development is ongoing to get the robot back to Level 2.
  • Perhaps most valuable: Several hours of drive practice before bagging, a rarity for a 1293 machine. Testing was performed with interference from other robots, drivers positioned a realistic distance away from the robot on carpet, and in loud environments courtesy of various professional wrestlers’ entrance music.

Thank you to Spectrum and the Grasshoppers for sharing so many resources during this build season. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the inspiration from the former’s MCC and the latter’s hatch system, but being able to study what others are doing has been instrumental in getting our budding design team through the process successfully.

The Pandamaniacs are sponsored by School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties, Schneider Electric, Underwriters Laboratories, and Bluefish Mill. And thanks to the support of these partners, we’re doing something for the first time in sixteen years: two regionals! See you at Palmetto and Smoky Mountains.


Congrats on the MCC build ! Can you post another picture or video of the floating grabber for the hatch?

Good luck this season !

Thanks! After crashing and burning pretty hard last year trying to overreach, it was time to adjust our direction in both game and fabrication strategy. There are still things I’d want to improve about our process (we did have to relocate a few holes manually), but overall I’m very happy with the result.

There’s a much better view of the hatch grabber here: FRC 95 The Grasshoppers 2019 Build Thread It’s based on 95’s drawings for the grabber, we just made it out of cutting board and made a different bracket to match the thicker material.

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I appreciate this robots name :heart:

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I love the name and really like this design as well. Hope you guys have a good season!

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