FRC 1403 - 2019 Robot - Armstronger

1403 is proud to present their 16th creation, Armstronger!

Quick specs:

6x Colson wheel West Coast Drive
Arm using 450:1 reduction from dual MiniCIM’s
Can do both hatch panels and cargo on all 3 levels of the rocket
HAB Level 2 climber

Competing at FMA Montgomery District Event and FMA District Championship
Competed at FMA Mount Olive (15th seed, quarterfinalists, District Chairman’s Award)
Competed at FMA Bridgewater (4th seed, winners, Entrepreneurship Award)

Feel free to ask any questions!


At our latest (and home) competition, the FMA Montgomery District Event, Team 1403 ranked 8th out of 37th and captained the 6th alliance all the way to finals with 3637 and 2577. We averaged a cycle time of 9 cargo per match and 1-2 hatch panels. We were also honored with the quality award for our quality robot, documentation, and team.

We’re excited to compete at Lehigh in less than 3 days!


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