FRC 1444: Week 2 Shooter Prototype

I know, everyone and their brother is posting a shooter prototype, but one more can’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Oh and…::safety::

Did you read the rule that says you cant shoot from the opposite corner of the field?

Looking powerful 1444! Thinking you guys may be going for the long shot :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ryan! Most of our shooters in the past have been underpowered, so we decided to overdo it this year and dial it back if necessary haha.


What size wheel and what motor or motors? And how much compression

Is that cause there is a mentor with his hand directly on the prototype not wearing safety glasses?

I hope so. “You’ll shoot your eye out” literally comes to mind. Look extremely powerful guys good job! Now comes the hard part of implementing it on a robot.

Is that just one CIM without a gearbox?

It’s actually two Mini CIMs connected directly to two 6" rollers. Compression is about 1", but we are still tweaking that. Currently, we have a bit too much slippage which is likely due to running the motors flat-out. Like I said, though, we wanted to overdo it at first then dial it back as necessary.

We found that compressing about 2 inches with a single set of flywheels seemed to work well against a rigid plate. We also found that shooting up close gave us more repeatable accuracy, if you guys haven’t mocked up the goal opening yet I’d recommend getting that going. These balls are fairly large compared to the width of the goals this year; shooting high repeatably and accurately will be a challenge.

Looks awesome so far though, let us know if you guys need anything!

All right, here’s another one. We actually can make a shot from robot height at the proper distance. :smiley: