FRC 1640 Sab-BOT-age 2019 Recap Video

FRC 1640 Sab-BOT-age is proud to present its Destination: Deep Space Season Recap! We would like to thank all of our gracious sponsors, mentors, parents, and volunteers for their dedication towards helping the team. Thanks to everyone’s help, we had one of our most eventful seasons yet! We hope you enjoy watching our hard work unfold from Kickoff to Detroit!

This video is dedicated to Oliver Feldman, a team member, marching band member, boy scout, artist, traveler, and an amazing friend who passed away from osteosarcoma in January. Learn more about Oliver and his legacy at

2019 Season Accomplishments:
FMA District Westtown Event Champions
FMA District Westtown Event Chairman’s Winners
FMA Seneca District Event Champions
FMA Bensalem Excellence in Engineering Award
FIRST Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship Chairman’s Winner
Detroit Championship Archimedes Division Semi-finalists

For more details on our best season yet, visit our wiki!

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped us this season! We look forward to INFINITE RECHARGE!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next iteration of our CVT swerve, coming soon in 2020.

2020 CVT Swerve Teaser Video


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