FRC 166 2016 Robot CAD

After some digging around in our old Windchill server for Creo, I stumbled across our 2016 robot Hyperion and decided it was time to share with the community.
It’s probably the closest we’ll get to having a complete model of this particular robot but it gets the point across.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I was one of the drivers that year so I am pretty familiar with it.


Looks nice! How well did the CD7 intake work for you?

(Also, remember to submit to the Spectrum CAD Collection!)


Thank you! It worked relatively well. I wish we geared it faster but it got the job done. We decided going with a CD7 after seeing it used on multiple robots in 2012 EX: 1323

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That’s a nice CAD model. I personally have never competed against 166 (although I do recognize FIRST Capital). I, unfortunately, am not in a position right now in which I can open the CAD. Some questions are:

  • Are those supposed to be 8’’ pneumatic tires?
  • How did you manufacture the blue belly pan
  • What gearboxes did you use on your intake?
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All great questions!

  1. The wheels are 10" pneumatic tires (either from Harbor Freight or
  2. At the time we had a local sheet metal sponsor who made the frame (belly pan included)
  3. Intake gearboxes are the Vex versaplanetary ( I believe 5:1) driven by a BAG motor.

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