FRC 1716 Redbird Robotics Presents: Walter Morrison Mk. 2

Hello Chief Delphi,

I know that we are a little late to the party, but Team 1716 Redbird Robotics is proud to present our 2013 robot, Walter Morrison Mk. 2:

Unveiling Video

This year we went with a simple design with as few moving parts as possible. Some quick specs:

-0.080" Sheet metal Aluminum
-Laser cut and bent by Paper Converting Machine Company

-6 x 4" VersaWheel with a center drop
-2 speed VexPro Ball Shifter transmissions for low gear of 6ft/sec and high gear of 12 ft/sec

-2 wheel linear shooter
-8" AndyMark pneumatic wheel direct driven by CIMs
-Fixed angle optimized for shooting from back bar of pyramid and feeder station

-Passive instant 10 point hanger

Our practice robot is currently under development for testing improvements and autonomous.

See you at the Wisconsin Regional in Week 4!