FRC 172 Robot "Reveal" - BOLTY

Here is our 2023 robot, Bolty! With our first comp literally tomorrow, we were scrambling to get this baby done and ready to compete. Thankfully, we got it done amidst a fried PDH and other technical failures.
We have not picked a name yet.
You will see Bolty at North Shore and UNH District Events!
We are hoping to bring home our first blue banner and our first playoff win in 5 years.


The robot looks fantastic! I’ll have to come check it out closer up tomorrow!

I especially love the use of the pneumatic for the extension of the telescoping arm. Great way to simplify that system!

The wrist looks like it’s geared down a LOT - what is that ratio?


Looks awesome :clap:

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i don’t know how gear ratio math works off the top of my head lol.
5:1 → 5:1 → 4:1 is the planetary measurements

Nice robot. I didn’t know you could put a falcon on max planetary but makes sense.

Seems like 100:1

The robot’s name is officially BOLTY!

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Love the plate! Looking forward to seeing you at North Shore this weekend.

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