FRC 1745 Open Design for FRC22 (again again) - Build Thread

I am once again announcing that FRC Team 1745 The P-51 Mustangs is going full open design for the FRC22 Season. </bernie voice>

this year we hope to have more consistent updates. and clearer documentation on what we are doing at any point in time.

1745 FRC22 CAD (Onshape)
1745 Kanban(Trello)
1745 FRC22 Season Folder (Google Drive)
1745 FRC22 Robot Code (Github, Java)
1745 FRC22 Engineering Notebook(Google Docs)
1745 FRC22 Robot Progression Deck (Google Slides)
1745 FRC22(FTC21) Photo Gallery (Google Photos)

Previous Years Open Designs.


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