FRC 1746 Team OTTO's 2019 Robot: Satellite

FRC 1746, Team OTTO, proudly presents our 2019 robot, Satellite. A huge thanks goes out to all of our sponsors that have made this robot possible.


  • Sheet metal construction
  • 6WD configuration with four traction wheels up front with no drop center
  • Powered by 6 mini-CIM motors in 2 custom gearboxes for a real speed of 13 FPS
  • Vented fittings on the drive motors for cooling between matches
  • Chain-in-sheet-tube for durability
  • Large cut out for balls to pass through


  • Sheet metal and round tube extrusion construction
  • Powered by 2 775 pros in a custom water-jetted gearbox
  • Utilizes round tube for minimizing part count and increasing stability
  • Features Vectran cascading rigging with turned Delrin pulleys & Ketaspire PEEK rollers
  • Shout out to 148’s 2018 elevator for the design inspiration

Elevator Carriage/Game Piece Manipulation:

  • Plastic construction
  • Utilizes Solvay Radel plastic for better impact resistance
  • Pneumatically cushioned 4 bar linkage to increase durability
  • Custom 3D printed pulleys for weight savings and lower part count
  • Shout out to 148’s 2019 hatch mechanism for the design inspiration

Drop-Down Cargo Intake:

  • Sheet metal construction
  • VersaRoller powered by 1 775 pro with a dual belt reduction
  • Pneumatically actuated
  • Easily replaceable and modular


  • Limelight camera for auto centering and scoring
  • Multiple game piece detection sensors in order to automate many robot functions
  • Elevator set heights to simplify scoring


  • PCH Gainesville District: Finalist as the 2nd selection of the 3rd seed (832, 4188, 1746)
  • PCH Forsyth District: Winner as the captain of the 6th seed (1746, 6829, 2415)
  • PCH District Championship: Finalist as the 1st selection by the 2nd seed (1102, 1746, 7427)
  • Qualified for the Houston Championship via district points

Easily your most intimidating robot to watch. I was standing about 10 feet from this robot during a Solo rocket match, it is just plain amazing and scary to watch at the same time.

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Hey Kellen,

Can you provide info on a source/part number?

We got it from one of our primary sponsors, Solvay. Here’s a link to the data sheets on their website, and there are bunch of distributors around the country if you are interested. It has similar properties to that of Polycarbonate but a lot higher impact strength and toughness. It also has some neat things that we don’t take advantage of like super high working temperatures and it’s naturally lubricious.

Product page:
Data sheet:

Is that anything like delicious?




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